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Blog suspended

This blog is suspended due to illness. Advertisements

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The Commonwealth Games 2014 and infrastructure (but mostly infrastructure)

Attention today turns to Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, as the Commonwealth Games begin – and to the efforts the city has been making to regenerate and clean itself up from its gritty industrial past, in part through infrastructure initiatives. And … Continue reading

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Why French infrastructure fears Ségolène Royal

How quick the British media was to pick up on the appointment of Ségolène Royal to the French cabinet by President François Hollande last week. They leapt gleefully on the idea that the lothario president had been forced to keep … Continue reading

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What RBS’ shrinking means for infrastructure

Thursday 27 February 2014 was the day Royal Bank of Scotland formally pulled the plug on its Markets and International Banking business – the mighty investment bank that, as Global Banking and Markets, employed the thick end of 19,000 people … Continue reading

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Infrastructure’s Bad Reputation

Infrastructure has a poor reputation as an investment, among people who don’t work in the infrastructure sector. Many people seem to associate large infrastructure projects with time and cost overruns. Is that fair?

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Meanwhile, over in France…

In the land that coined the term grand projet, all is not well. Economic slowdown and austerity have helped to make the French government led by President François Hollande one of the most unpopular in modern history.

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On holiday

This blog is now on holiday, and will return in the week beginning 6 January, barring any seismic infrastructure news before then.

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