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Pensions Infrastructure Platform: a solution in search of a problem

How are pension funds in the UK to be inveigled into investing in much-needed infrastructure? It’s a question that has been on the minds of politicians and policy wonks for a while, as this blog has observed. And we might have … Continue reading

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How will the UK pay for its future railway?

  News in the Financial Times that the British government is trying to keep the £34 billion (US$57bn) debts of Network Rail, the owner-operator-maintainer-improver of Britain’s rail infrastructure, off balance sheet can only accelerate the debate about how to pay for … Continue reading

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Labour’s Armitt infrastructure plan: a very good thing – my Spectator piece

Yesterday, Labour leader Ed Miliband unveiled the details of how his government would set up a national infrastructure commission or the UK if it won the general election next year. I think this is a very good idea, and I’ve … Continue reading

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The Adonis review: showing us the money

Lord Adonis, the Labour Party’s shadow infrastructure minister, may like train travel – the first time I saw him in person was on a Virgin train on our way back from his party conference, where he was killing time during … Continue reading

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As I said, and as MPs now say, PFI is dead

Last month I wrote that the British government had killed off its public-private partnerships programme. Today’s report from a committee of MPs confirms that – arguably the most important point in the report, though not one chosen as the ‘top … Continue reading

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China Development Bank and HS2: more paper tiger than dragon’s roar

Yesterday evening I was in Broadcasting House, the headquarters of BBC News, watching a big screen carrying an exclusive report from their business editor, Kamal Ahmed. China, he reported, is seeking to finance the construction of High Speed 2, the planned … Continue reading

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Energy prices and how to build nuclear power

News that British energy regulator Ofgem has complained about the lack of transparency over energy prices pushes the issue of how we pay for our electricity back into the spotlight. Meanwhile, a centrist think-tank has published a report about a … Continue reading

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