Holiday reading

I’ve decided to make a virtue of my recent inactivity and take a holiday – including from blogging. I will be back in the second week of September. Meanwhile here is some holiday reading:

Gareth Thomas’ plan to have community ownership of a third runway at Heathrow – not a bad idea in my view, in terms of its feasibility

You think the UK has problems with High Speed 2? The French are still struggling to pay for a direct rail link to their biggest airport (in French) (If you are too ignorant to read French, use Google Translate)

Peel Ports, which owns the Port of Liverpool, has refinanced £152 million. Big deal,you might say, except institutional investors have stepped up to provide the finance – further evidence of their growing role in supporting the infrastructure market.

And finally, my recent article for The Guardian website on the Hyperloop, Elon Musk’s idea for a new mass public transport technology. It may be many things, but an infrastructure project ready to compete with gih-speed rail (which is how Musk presents it) it is not.


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