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Unpicking the Intercity Express train order

The UK Department for Transport’s rail directorate must be breathing a sigh of relief. It has signed off the financing* for the second phase of the £5.8 billion (contract value) Intercity Express Programme – four years and five months after … Continue reading

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Roads privatisation meets a watery grave

David Cameron, UK prime minister, was quietly defensive today of the regulated asset model that underpins the British water supply industry, when tackled on the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions. And well he might, because it’s the same model his … Continue reading

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Dear UK, they love infrastucture: why don’t you?

It’s nice to have your prejudices confirmed; not least because if it happens long enough, they stop being prejudices and become firm, evidence-based conclusions. With every passing month and every passing year, we are seeing that investment in infrastructure is … Continue reading

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Department for Transport gets a wee bit political

Patrick McLoughlin, UK transport secretary, gave a speech yesterday to the Association of Train Operating Companies marking 20 years since British Rail was privatised. You can understand why the Conservative politician was keen to celebrate the achievements, as he saw … Continue reading

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Pension funds and infrastructure: the ones that don’t get it

A report in the Telegraph this week exemplifies everything that is wrong with the UK pension fund sector in their grasp of infrastructure as an asset class. According to the report, so-called ‘experts’ are unhappy that pension funds don’t have … Continue reading

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Spot the UK infrastructure plan

There was a bit of an announcement about the UK government’s infrastructure policy the other day from Chief Secertary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, but I didn’t get round to reacting to it at the time.  That doesn’t bother me … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, over in Egypt… Infrastructure and revolution

Muck around with Google Maps’ view of the Cairo conurbation for long enough and presently you’ll see odd dark patches like blobs of paint littering the desert that fringes New Cairo, the eastern outpost of the Egyptian capital. They are … Continue reading

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