My infrastructure article in Total Politics: one last plug

2_articleimageFor those who couldn’t quite make it to the end of my last blogpost, I have had an article published in the April issue of Total Politics magazine: “Reassuringly Expensive: Infrastructure and Politicians”.

It talks about why infrastructure appeals to politicians and what the pitfalls are as the coalition UK government goes about trying to raise billions in private cash over the next few years to pay for new infrastructure. I write:

Private finance is no respecter of political priorities: it looks for good deals and if it doesn’t see them, walks away. “Big companies will invest here because it’s easy to understand English and if deals are structured correctly because of the relatively ‘safe’ environment here, but they’re not wedded to UK plc. I don’t think the government seems to appreciate that often enough””.

Find out who I was quoting and why here.



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