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Margaret Hodge tells me I’m right on UK infrastructure

A bit self-centred I grant you, but it’s nice to have your analysis confirmed. On Monday, the Public Accounts Committee issued a downbeat report about the UK government’s National Infrastructure Plan. Introducing the report, committee chair Margaret Hodge said in … Continue reading

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Will London’s Tube woes spread to Colombia?

This week, according to Colombian news outlet El Nuevo Siglo, a team from Transport for London will be in the Colombian capital Bogotá to share knowledge and expertise about their transport network. It’s part of an initiative run by University … Continue reading

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Why the M4 Toll won’t be another M6 Toll

No sooner had I written about Cardiff Airport(below) than news broke about the piece of infrastructure adjoining it, the M4 motorway, or rather the prospect of a new road being built to relieve congestion on it. Reports seem confused right now as … Continue reading

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Has the Welsh government gone mad?

That’s my reaction on seeing the news (a few days ago, I know) that it has finally made good on its intention to nationalise Cardiff Airport. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not taking a view for or against nationalisation. It’s … Continue reading

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