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What the UK downgrade means for new infrastructure

Not a lot, basically. But that doesn’t make it irrelevant. In the next few days, having downgraded the UK’s sovereign debt by one notch, Moody’s is likely to embark on a rash of downgrades of sub-sovereign entities that are also able to … Continue reading

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Boris’ canny airport advisers

Buried near the bottom of the “world-class team” of advisers announced this week by London mayor Boris Johnson to develop a new hub airport for London is the name Ernst & Young, who will, we’re told, advise on “commercial viability”. … Continue reading

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Nine reasons why the Istanbul airport buzz is overblown

BBC Newsnight’s Joe Lynham was abuzz* with talk of the third airport for Istanbul, procurement of which was launched just a couple of weeks ago by the Turkish government. He’s not the only one; everywhere from Deutsche Welle to yesterday’s Sydney Morning … Continue reading

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Are you sure Stansted’s worth that much?

“Anyone want to get rodgered by Michael O’Leary?” That was how one senior infrastructure banker in 2011 summed up how he saw the prospect of buying London Stansted Airport. The majority of traffic at the airport is accounted for by … Continue reading

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